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Meet RSM Pursue Your Passion Winner: Alissa Hatch


Manager |  San Antonio, TX

Having just completed my first full year as Cubmaster for our pack, I found myself completely immersed in the world of scouting, and it’s so much FUN! 

Joining our pack leadership has provided one of the best family-bonding opportunities for my husband and me with our two children. We get to help not only our children, but also other children in the community to grow and develop into good citizens, responsible adults and our future leaders.

I have learned so much about scouting in the past year from online readings, meeting with other pack leadership, and attending day and overnight camps with my kids. I am truly all-in when it comes to scouting.

As I’ve developed my personal scouting network and expressed my desire to continuously enhance our pack, I keep hearing about specific training courses such as Wood Badge and BALOO, and that to improve our pack and myself as a leader, I should attend these courses. I’m ready for the challenge!

It’s important to me to participate in the Wood Badge course within the next year. I have heard personal stories from other local packs that attending Wood Badge as a leadership group was the turning point for their packs. Wood Badge is one of the premier training courses for adult scout leaders. Its focus is on leadership skills and group dynamics. While the focus is on scouting, nearly everything taught in the two-part three-day sessions is easily translated to the corporate world. I see Wood Badge as an opportunity to develop stronger bonds with our pack leadership and become a better leader to our scouting families, all while developing skills that will help me be the best leader I can be at RSM.

BALOO training will prepare me for camping. It is the basic adult leader outdoor orientation program, and is required for packs that go on campouts. I am continuously trying to grow my scout knowledge, and this is one of my weaker areas. I see this as a safety need for all scouts and their families. Similarly, I am very eager to complete the CPR/AED training as a prerequisite to the Wilderness and Remote First Aid training. As my children advance into Scouts BSA, I intend to be right there along with them, which means more campouts and more high-adventure activities; it also means more potential to encounter an injury that these three courses would prepare me for.

This would exhaust the majority of local scout training options. I am determined to attend the Philmont Training Center at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM, the premier center in scouting adventures. There are weeklong leader training sessions in the summer, and families are welcome. Additionally, there are family-specific adventure weeks, which would provide increased family bonding for us.

My motivation for applying to RSM’s Pursue Your Passion program is to help fund the registration for these training programs for me in addition to the rest of our pack’s Key-3 leadership team, and any other interested adult volunteers on our team. All of these courses would help us better serve the youth in our pack, council, and community, as well as our own children. The Scouts in our pack would benefit greatly from having more engaged and better trained volunteer leaders. 

The cost to put one leader through the above-mentioned local training is not something our individual pack could provide. 

If selected for the Pursue Your Passion Program, the funds would be designated to pay for adult leader training and any necessary travel.  Remaining funds would be donated to our pack to further our annual Scouting adventures, including covering the cost to send our Scouts to summer camp in the summer of 2019. The donation would cover the cost of sending 28 interested Scouts to camp next summer, or enhancing our annual programs. The additional PTO would allow me the time to attend these trainings. Many are in the evening or on the weekends, but a few like Philmont Training Center, are during my normal work schedule. Having the opportunity to learn and be outdoors would also benefit me as it would provide a way to recharge during the slower times of our year here at RSM, allowing me to return fresh and clear-minded to the office, ready for the next big client engagement.