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Field-to-fork traceability solution built on blockchain technology

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What is CLEARthru?

With food related recalls grabbing headlines, consumers have a heightened awareness about food and product safety. The CDC estimates that each year 48 million people get sick from a foodborne illness, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die (source).

CLEARthru is the first enterprise resource planning (ERP)-based blockchain traceability solution that brings best-in-class supply chain integrity, safety and product source tracking information to consumers. By leveraging blockchain technology, CLEARthru provides access to information across the value chain in seconds.

Many other traceability solutions built on blockchain technology only go to the level of a retailer whereas CLEARthru can go all the way to the consumer helping to build brand affinity and creating a safer food supply chain. Example: if there’s a recall on a particular leafy green like romaine lettuce, the retailer would be able to pull that product off their shelf, but they don’t know who they’ve sold it to, so they rely on broad notifications like a press release or even notices in their stores. CLEARthru allows for the consumer to receive push notifications, so if an item they had scanned was part of a recall, the retailer would be able to push a notification to the consumer letting them know the product was unsafe to consume.

As your advisor to the food and beverage industry, RSM is uniquely qualified with deep expertise in the food and produce industry. We are capable of supporting an array of technologies and disciplines and can help you integrate to the blockchain.

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