Technical Accounting Consulting

Technical accounting advisory services for complex financial accounting needs. 

Whether it’s preparing compliant financial statements for an initial public offering, properly recording a business combination resulting from a merger or acquisition, or preparing for an audit, accounting and financial reporting responsibilities can be complex and time-consuming. With lean accounting and finance departments, organizations often struggle to just keep up with day-to-day demands that require considerable effort and attention.

How can we help you?

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RSM’s dedicated team of experienced professionals can help. We can assist your organization as you navigate a myriad of technical accounting and financial reporting needs. At times, complex accounting issues require knowledge of specialized guidance. Our experienced professionals come from a variety of backgrounds; they have worked at national CPA firms, in private industry and in our own audit practice. They have experience in a variety of industries. The breadth of this experience helps to provide a unique perspective.

By combining a deep understanding of accounting standards with a full range of advisory services, our integrated team of technical accounting consultants will use their industry experience and public and private company finance experience to create dynamic and holistic solutions in response to your organization’s needs.

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Technical accounting consulting integrated services


Technical accounting consulting integrated services

TAC can help your business by supplementing management teams and helping identify what systems and processes need to scale.