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Collaborative technology innovation to foster a competitive edge


Artificial intelligence. The internet of things. Blockchain. Augmented reality. If you’re confused about how these emerging technologies can affect your future business success, you’re not alone. For example, while RSM’s recent Digital Transformation Survey found that 94 percent of companies have a digital road map, only 48 percent say they have a fully developed digital strategy.

Explore your digital strategy in an immersive, comprehensive technology environment


“It’s time for companies to move out of the digital transformation planning phase and forward to execution. If organizations aren’t in the planning stage yet, they should be worried. Companies must start putting strategic plans into action.” 

Bill Kracunas, RSM principal

See, feel and experience technology opportunity

The RSM Technology Experience Center demystifies a broad spectrum of emerging technologies, helping your organization develop a clear and cohesive technology strategy. The center creates an innovative atmosphere where you can see, feel and experience solutions that you would not typically be able to access—all in a real-world setting.

Interact with diverse solutions, including:

Address specific business and industry issues

The RSM Technology Experience Center provides more than 30 unique customer immersion experiences—interactive exercises that, with the support of RSM advisors, walk through several business issues to show how available solutions can address potential challenges. These include scenarios such as efficiently addressing margin concerns, analyzing complex data, keeping information secure and identifying new sales opportunities. 

Gain hands-on knowledge of cutting-edge tools and technology

At the RSM Technology Experience Center you can experience solutions from many different perspectives, including strategy sessions, solution architecture design sessions, demonstrations, proofs-of-concept, hackathons and training. This level of flexibility enables our advisors to tailor your experience based on your specific industry scenarios and envisioned uses.

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