First Choice Advisor Awards

Recognizing outstanding client service

In 2018, we were excited to release our First-Choice Advisor Awards program for the second year. This program is designed to recognize and reward individuals in the firm who have made significant contributions as first-choice advisors to our clients, our people and our communities throughout the year.

The following RSM professionals were recognized for their outstanding performance. Excerpts from their nominations featured here clearly demonstrate that they personify our first-choice advisor culture, strategy and values.

Sarah Baer
Kaylan Brant
Andrew Cohen
Debbie Cook
Nicolas Falquez
Taylor Grundlock
Irna Lubis
Shannon Neville
Zackery Scott Reichenbach-Carr
Kate Walters
Eric White
Dina Zapata
RSM Hall of Fame

Celebrating the people who have helped shape our firm

RSM’s Hall of Fame honors individuals whose outstanding contributions and stewardship have significantly enriched and shaped the firm over its nearly century-long history. Our honorees embody the values and uphold the standards of excellence of the leading firm serving the middle market on a global basis.

This year, RSM proudly recognizes the third class of inductees to the Hall of Fame. This distinguished group of 11 colleagues includes partners and employees who have made significant, long-lasting contributions to our success and served as exemplary stewards of the firm.

“We continue the tradition of honoring outstanding employees and partners who exemplify the firm’s vision. I am incredibly appreciative of the leadership and stewardship they have brought to RSM over the years and that they continue to bring each day.”

Joe Adams, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer

FY 2019 inductees

John Bryant
Tony Ceci
Kathy Eagles
Bob Early
Tricia Jordan
Diane McNulty
Jerry Wagner
Bruce Webb
Dave Wentworth
Lori Wilkerson
John Wolf